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Discussing Feature Horror with Giles Alderson

Oct 29, 2021 12:00:00 PM Written by Luke Foster 2 min read

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Giles Alderson this week to talk about his career as a director and a writer with four completed features now under his belt. He was very open and forthcoming about the challenges he’s faced as an independent filmmaker and the journey it took to get his debut feature The Dare from an initial concept into production at Nu Boyana Studios and a worldwide release.

I was particularly interested in hearing about the process of writing The Dare and how Giles collaborated with his writing partner on the film, Jonny Grant. It was also fascinating to hear about his experience of shooting in Bulgaria with an accomplished crew while sometimes facing a language barrier, and how he even used Lego figures to plan the shoot!

Giles gave some great insights into moving from making shorts into full-length features and how working for a studio compares to shooting an independent film. As a big horror fan, it also was great to hear about how he fell in love with horror films himself while acting in them, and how with The Dare he paid homage to the genre while avoiding the clichés.

I really enjoyed our discussion and I look forward to seeing Giles’ new films Wolves of War and The Stranger In Our Bedwhen they are released and following the next stages of his career.




The interview is with Giles Alderson, a director and producer, discussing his first feature film "The Dare". He talks about how he got started in the film industry as an actor and how that experience helped him as a director. He mentions that he fell in love with directing when he was able to turn a script into something real that people could enjoy. He also talks about the importance of networking and collaborating with other filmmakers and the challenges of getting funding for a film.

Luke Foster

Luke Foster is a screenwriter and Development Executive for Iron Box Films. He wrote the horror comedy Ravers, which premiered at FrightFest 2018 and was released in 2020, including theatrically in North America. He also wrote the comedy drama Betsy & Leonard, for which he won Best Original Screenplay at the Madrid International Film Festival in 2013. Luke hosts the monthly CenterFrame Script Club and has a video essay series on horror filmmaking, Alive In The Morning.

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