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Production Diaries

The Attendant

By Stavros Pamballis


The first film funded by centerframe

A winner in the making

We asked writers all over the world to send in 3-minute scripts, to compete for a £5000 budget prize to get their short-film made. The CenterFrame community voted to choose the winner - THE ATTENDANT, by Cypriot writer-director Stavros Pamballis. This diary follows the journey of making his script come to life.


Make It Short

Representation Matters

Episode 7 - LGBTQ+ Films

And we are back! After a short break, we are finally here to do exactly what we love the most: watch short films and talk about them. This time around, we have brought two incredible and inspiring LGBTQ+ themed short films to discuss. As a gay film lover, I have always looked for queer representation on the screen, but that used to be a hard thing to find in the film industry as a whole.